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The Magic RoundAbout 2005 Movie

Pathé clinched some of the world's hottest talent from around the world for their state of the art CGI animated feature THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT.

Oscar©-winning actor, Jim Broadbent, will star as Brian the snail. Robbie Williams is set to voice the world-weary and much-loved Dougal and Australian pop diva, Kylie Minogue, will play Florence.

New characters, ZeeBadee and Soldier Sam, will be played by Tom Baker and Ray Winstone respectively. Soon to be announced will be a very exciting voice for Dylan.

Based on the classic cult TV series which was created in the late 60s, the cast line-up will include (in alphabetical order):

Tom Baker ZeeBadee
Jim Broadbent Brian
Joanna Lumley Ermintrude
Kylie Minogue Florence
Richard O'Brien Zebedee
Robbie Williams Dougal
Ray Winstone Soldier Sam

THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT directed by Dave Borthwick, of award-winning animation studio bolexbrothers ("The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb"). Production was in Bristol and Marseilles and took approximately 18 months to complete.

Characters from the Magic Rounabout Movie

Brian The Snail Played By Jim Broadbent
33.36 KB
 Dougal The Dog Played By Robbie Williams
41.02 KB
Dylan The Rabbit
84.00 KB
Ermintrude The Cow Played By Joanna Lumley
44.85 KB
Florence The Girl Played By Kylie Minogue
35.73 KB
Florence And Dougal
67.86 KB
Sam The Soldier Played By Ray Winstone
97.07 KB
Zebedee Played By Tom Baker
32.31 KB

Special Thanks To John Fletcher At Pathé For All His Help!
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