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Who is He?
At the time of the new Magic Roundabout Nigel Planner was 46 years old and used to live on a big houseboat on the River Thames which he especially loved. He was born in Kew and his father was an Austrain physicist. Nigel is remarried had a new baby called Harvey he also has an older son called Stanley. His new wife who's name is Frankie is also a writer and actor,.and they are living in South-West London.

His first novel called The Right Man is about a successful middle-aged man involed in showbusiness, who has a failing marriage. Nigel is also the author of other books and has published a collection of poetry books as well.

Nigel has also provided voice overs for the Discworld games by Terry Pratchett and he was also the narrator for The Magic Roundabout cartoon series on the BBC.

Shine on Harvey Moon, Roll Over Beethoven - 2 series 1983-1984, The Young Ones - 2 series as Neil, Filthy Rich & Catflap, King & Castle - 2 series 1986-1988, Number 27 - Screen on Two by Michael Palin 1988, Blackeyes - BBC 1989 by Dennis Potter, Frankenstein's Baby - Screen on One 1990, The Naked Actor/Masterdass - 2 series 1991-1992, The Magic Roundabout - by Nigel Planer after Eric Thompson, Two Lumps of Ice - Screen on One 1992 by Simon Gray, Bonjour La Classe - as Laurence Didcott, Sherlock Holmes - Granada TV, 1993, Let's Get Divorced - Tyne Tees, 1994, Wake Up With - pilot for new comedy series for ITV, Blackadder the Third, The Lenny Henry Show, French & Saunders, The Trials of Oz, The Tube, Saturday Night Live, Boom Boom: Out Go the Lights, Wogan, Friday Night & Saturday Morning, Top of the Pops - as Neil, Cuts, ITV, Jonathan Creek, BBC, Baz Grimley in the comedy drama The Grimleys for ITV. The Bill ITV.

Film / Video
Yellowbeard, The Supergrass, Brazil, More Bad News / The Strike & Carry on Columbus, Clockwork Mice, The Wind In The Willows.

Theatre / Stage
Evita - original cast, with over 40 performances, Nicholas Craig one-man show, Die Fledermaus - English National Opera, Angry Old Men - Theatre Royal Plymouth and tour, Musical called Chicago and a play called High Life.

The Comic Strip
Appearances in all seasons of The Comic Strip Presents, writer of Funseekers with Doug Lucie.

Sketches with Roger Planer for Not The Nine O'Clock News & Radio-Active, co-wrote 2 episodes of King & Castle with Andy de Ia Tour, The Magic Roundabout - 35 new episodes for CH4, I An Actor - book with Christopher Douglas, Let's Get Divorced - with Terence Blacker, Neil's Book of the Dead, co-wrote a novel with Robert Llewelyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf) entitled Therapy - How to Avoid It, plus articles for Punch magazine and The Independent.

Cabaret / Comedy
The Outer Limits - partnership act with Peter Richardson, The Comedy Store, Comic Strip (founder member), live tour as Neil / The Young Ones.


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