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General Information

A Brief History

The Magic Roundabout was used as test for the SECAM process and becomes the symbol for this technology.

At the rate of 24 frames a second, there are 7500 images needed for each 5 minute episode.

British Film Institute

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Dougal and the Blue Cat
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Dougal and the Blue Cat

It is Serge Danot, originating from the Clisson region of France which is at the base of the children's animation Le Manège Enchanté (Magic Roundabout) But before the undeniable television success Serge worked for an advertising agency, then after having devoted 25 years in a career as a publicist, he decided one day to stop and start with something new.

First aired on French television on October 6, 1964, this animation was based on stories full of freshness and innocence that made it an instant success, which Sergal had not even expect.Pollux (Dougal) was the most famous dog and this still remains true today, thanks in part to the clever inventor. This animal with his long hair and love of sugar quickly gained the love of all television viewers. Zébulon (Zebadee) with his spring and his famous "Tournicotti-Tournicotton" (time for bed), made us travel to imaginary children's places.

All the magic offered came from tiresome work, requiring meticulousness attention to detail and great patience, which resulted in the 5 minutes of film and over 7500 images! Le Manège Enchanté (Magic Roundabout) with its pastel colors and whimsical themes has been shown on over 98 TV stations world wide and translated into 28 languages!
A French success...

- Danot said on this show:

"It comes from a simple history of the everyday life, with characters having humor, poetry and an anecdote to be as much close to the parents than children, which makes it possible to join together various generation for this famous animation."

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